主演:约翰尼·德普 艾拉·菲舍尔 阿比盖尔·布蕾斯琳 尼德·巴蒂 





兰戈(约翰尼·德普 Johnny Depp 配音)是一只干瘦、翠绿的蜥蜴,他住在鱼缸里,蓝天白云椰子树的假相让他倍感无聊,这个酷爱幻想和表演的家伙只得在头脑中编出属于自己的英雄剧。可就在某天,一个意外 详情


The film tells the story of a lizard. He lives in a glass box, whose name is LAN ge. One day, the glass box it lived in was broken by a sudden accident. It left the water and left the glass box and began the journey through the desert. After several twists and turns, Ge Ge from the modern American society to a desert in the severe water shortage, and faced with many crisis dust town. Because the town is blue avenue to end a strange combination of circumstances a vicious Falcon's life, and the residents of the small town had seven people claiming to be shot and killed from the western famous Lei brother, so by the residents of the town as the one and only town hero. The town people welcomed him, and he became the Savior of the poor town dwellers. Because he often fancied himself a hero, he gladly accepted the appointment of the mayor of the town - the Sheriff of the town. From then on, he began to protect and look for water with the inhabitants every day. It is a day for people led the town to look for water. But in the end, there was a very bad villain - a rattlesnake. And the mayor who seems to spend time with the residents is actually a bad egg. The mayor and the rattlesnake destroyed the plan to search for water for the residents. The emergence of Mr LAN has given hope to the residents, and now the only hope of the town's inhabitants has been dashed. Finally, lygo found the water, the mayor and the elimination of bad heart figure. Since then, the dust town is no longer a shortage of water, has become a swamp Town, people have begun a carefree happy life.He was able to find water because of his perseverance, wit, courage and perseverance. It is for the health of the town residents, go forward courageously. It brought hope for the town residents, and finally brought happiness. Our spirit is worth learning, and we should be as helpful as we are. Whether you do it or not, as long as you want to do it, you are successful if you do it


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